The Best Stealth Vapes

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The Best Stealth Vapes

These vaporizers will keep your sessions on the DL.

Big, bulky vaporizers are a thing of the past. Well, there are a few exceptions. Aside from your classic desktop volcanos and cutting-edge e-rigs, there’s really no need for an over-the-top, bulky vape that weighs down your pockets.

Larger vaporizers are an eyesore – they attract attention whether it’s wanted or not. And the dead giveaway that you’re puffing on the sacred herb is that 510 cartridge poking out the top. While these vaporizers are functional and can be quite beautiful, they’re not the best for users who wish to remain discreet.

That’s why we’ve gathered our top vape picks nationwide that prioritize stealth. If you prefer to puff in peace without attracting unwanted attention, check out the list below and snag a vape that has your back. Read on to learn more about the best stealth vapes on the market.

Here’s a vape that promises to keep your sessions on the DL. Brought to you by Discount Vape Pen (DVP), this online vape store has been in the vape game since 2014, and they’re on a mission to bring you the best vape brands at the lowest prices (psst, they also offer bulk discounts at retail and wholesale B2B).

The Pulsar DL 2.0 Cart Vape from DVP was designed to resemble the classic ELF Bar Nicotine Disposable. This design cleverly conceals your cartridge inside the device, which also protects it from falls and bumps. It can fit cartridges of up to 2mL and is auto-draw activated for maximum convenience.

With a pre-heat mode, variable voltage settings, USB-C charging, and an LED light indicator on the base, this battery is available in an array of colors and designs that best suit your style. Order now from Discount Vape Pen and get this bad boy delivered straight to your door.

Instead of resembling a classic nicotine disposable, the RYOT Verb Stealth Cart Battery looks like a ZIPPO lighter, and it’s just as reliable as one, too. This stealthy vaporizer features a snap lid to conceal your cartridge when it’s in your pocket or bag, keeping it protected and out of sight.

When it comes to functionality, this battery won’t let you down. It features variable voltage with 3 power modes, as indicated by the LED light. It also features a 12-second pre-heat function to heat your concentrate to optimal vaping temperature.

The simple one-button function makes it effortless to use, and it’s available in 3 colors with a sleek rubberized finish for optimal grip. This is one of the stealthiest and best-performing vapes on the market. Get yours today from Discount Vape Pen and experience it yourself.

Here’s something you didn’t expect. While most of the stealth vapes on this list are cartridge batteries and disposables, we’ve found a dual-use device that’s just as discreet as anything else.

The Randy’s Inspo Stealth Cart Battery from Discount Vape Pen is a cart battery and a wax pen in one! Resembling an ELF Bar for that common nicotine vape appearance, this stealthy dual-use vape conceals your cartridge perfectly, also protecting it from accidental falls. Using it is effortless – simply screw your 510 cart inside and start puffing or pack your wax into the included Sand Quartz Wax Atomizer.

The Best Stealth Vapes

Bang Xxl Vape This device has a button-less function and is auto-draw activated with variable voltage settings and USB-C charging. It’s one of the most reliable and discreet vaporizers on the market, and its performance is unmatched. Order yours from Discount Vape Pen and keep your quality sessions under wraps.