Whisky Parts Forks out New Suspension Corrected Fork in the No.9 MCX+ - Bikerumor

Today, Minnesota’s Whisky Parts release a new carbon fork, the No.9 MCX+. And it looks pretty forkin’ sweet. This No.9 MCX+ gravel bike fork is the latest addition to their current line of premium carbon products. Like the Scully Bar released last Summer, this new fork is a dapper addition.

This new carbon wonder fork has been designed to give those who ride gravel suspension forks a lighter-weight and more versatile fork option. To help keep the bike’s geometry in check, the MCX+ runs a long suspension-corrected 430mm axle to crown measurement, allowing it to replace the typical 40-50mm gravel-travel suspension fork. Inner Tie Rod End

Whisky Parts Forks out New Suspension Corrected Fork in the No.9 MCX+ - Bikerumor

Gravel & adventure-type riders will be happy to know that the middle-of-dirtroad 47.5mm offset will play well when it comes to fork trail, toe clearance, fenders, or running a rack with some panniers attached.

Whisky Parts says the new fork has great max tire clearance with the ability to roll with 29 x 2.3″ or 27.5 x 2.4″ MTB rubber. Using lightweight carbon construction, the MCX+ is spaced for 12x100mm thru-axles and uses flat-mounting for the disc brake calipers. The new fork is ASTM-rated at condition 3, which means that it’s ready for some rowdy off-road behavior.

It sports Three-Pack mounts (3kg per side), low rider mounts (7.5kg per side), and internal dynamo wire routing. Bob’s yer Uncle! It’s time to embrace the dynamo power!

Oh, and, let’s not forget those fender mounts, ’cause the MCX+ has those, as well.

Let’s sum up some of the MCX+ specs/features.

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Brilliant but no fork crown light mount? That’s more useful to 90% of customers than fork bottle mounts. Which while we see in magazines and online media people using such, most never will. So if you’re gonna add 3 pack mounts, put a hole in the fork crown to mount a light. Doesn’t need to be dynamo compatible even.

Haha, imagine trying to explain what a “suspension-corrected gravel fork” is to someone in 2017. It’s a whole different world now.

I still don’t understand what a suspension corrected fork is

A suspension fork inherently has a longer axel to crown (a-c). If you were to replace it with a standard rigid fork it would lower the front end, lower the bottom bracket, and steepen the head angle, while changing the overall handling of the bike (generally for the worse).

Whisky/Salsa/QBP continue their anti-consumer trend of omitting the fork crown hole. Function and versatility seems to have been replaced by “aesthetic” or possibly just cheapskate-ism. Booo. Sad coming from the same people who gave us Surly. I will look elsewhere.

I’m sure QBP has done its homework, but I’m surprised there are enough bikes out there designed around gravel suspension forks to warrant producing a suspension-corrected carbon fork.

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Whisky Parts Forks out New Suspension Corrected Fork in the No.9 MCX+ - Bikerumor

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