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Nintendo Ichibankuji brings a little randomized Super Mario adventure into our homes. Acrylic Stationery Box

New Super Mario lifestyle line wants to help you save money with coin-sound Warp Pipe bank | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

October sees the release of Super Mario Wonder, the first all-new side-scrolling Super Mario game in over a decade. That’s not the only thing for fans of Nintendo’s flagship franchise to get excited about, though, as October will also be bringing us the Super Mario Home Adventure Life lifestyle goods line.

The collection applies Super Mario visual design to useful household items, with one of the coolest touches being a Warp Pipe coin bank. Every time you make a deposit, it plays either the Super Mario sound effect for picking up a coin or entering a pipe, either of which will instantly reward fans’ fiscal responsibility with a hit of audio-triggered dopamine.

Super Mario Home Adventure Life is the latest iteration of toymaker Bandai Spirits Ichibankuji randomized prize system. Think of it like a premium capsule toy kind of thing, but instead of putting your money in a machine and turning a crank, you pay a cashier and grab a piece of paper out of a box, with the prize you get written on the paper.

The Warp Pipe coin bank is Super Mario Home Adventure Life’s B-Rank, or second-rarest, prize per Ichibankuji location. Above it, in the A Rank, is a wall/desk clock that plays different Super Mario sounds on the hour.

▼ At 12 o’clock it plays the level clear sound, like it’s celebrating you finishing your morning work/study load and going on lunch break.

Heading the other way on the rarity list, the C prize is a ceramic Blooper…

…with a little spout on its back, because it’s actually a soy sauce dispenser.

▼ Don’t worry about the Blooper dish – we’ll get to that in a minute.

The D prize is an acrylic calendar with a double-width frame, so that you can slide the insert to whatever day/date combination matches the current month and keep using it regardless of the year.

While your prize rank is completely random, you do get some degree of choice with the following E, F, and G prizes. Each has a total of six items that you can choose from, provided the exact one you want is still in stock at that Ichibankuji location.

▼ E prize: Ceramic tea cups, soy sauce plates (most commonly used for dipping sashimi or sushi in, so the Blooper and Cheep Cheep motifs make sense), and plumber hat chopstick rests

▼ F prize: Towel pouches and hand towels

▼ G prize: Connectable power-up and block coasters, Piranha Plant hairclip, and Boo-chasing-Mario cable tie, all made of rubber

As mentioned above, different prize tiers in Ichibankuji have different rarities, with each shop that sells the tickets having its own stock. Because of that, there’s a chance that all the higher-ranking prizes might be gone by the time you’re drawing for yours. That’s why the system also has a “Last One” prize, awarded as an additional prize for whoever purchases the very last ticket in the box. For the Super Mario Home Adventure Life lineup, the Last One prize is a special Warp Pipe key bank with alternate artwork showing a powered-up Mario battling Bowser.

Ichibankuji tickets are sold at various toy and hobby shops, and Super Mario Home Adventure Life tickets will also be offered at the Nintendo Tokyo and Nintendo Osaka specialty stores, as well as branches of 7-Eleven, starting October 13. Pricing is 700 yen (US$4.70) per play, which is honestly about the lowest price you’d find video game merch along the lines of even the E, F, and G prizes for, so there’s really not a bad prize in the bunch, and the random aspect does seem kind of appropriate for a series filled with Question Mark blocks.

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New Super Mario lifestyle line wants to help you save money with coin-sound Warp Pipe bank | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

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