The Best Light Box Signs for Your Business

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A lightbox sign, also known as a cabinet sign, can illuminate storefronts, commercial spaces, building signage, directory signs, and indoor signs in showrooms. They are an affordable way to attract attention to your business whether it is indoors or outdoors. Led Video Dance Floor

The Best Light Box Signs for Your Business

While there is a lot of custom work in this segment, you can also get ready-made lightboxes to showcase your business. This is a much better alternative for small businesses with a budget without sacrificing the overall effectiveness of the tool.

A lightbox sign is made from a container with lights designed to illuminate a business sign, text, advertising, art, photography, or advertising by evenly lighting it from behind. The container is made from a thin piece of translucent or clear material to let the light through to illuminate the entire sign.

Incorporating a lightbox sign into your business strategy is a surefire way to boost brand recognition. Whether you’re a cafe owner aiming to lure in evening patrons, a boutique shop hoping to make an impression, or any other type of business striving to make its mark, a well-placed and designed lightbox can be your beacon to success.

The lightboxes Amazon offers are ready to go, and they come in many different sizes and configurations. All you have to do is find the right location, connect the lightbox, add your content and turn on the lights.

Top Pick: As the top pick, the Spolehli LED Lightbox Display has an aluminum alloy frame, built in magnets to hold your content, LED lights, and a dimmer switch to name some of its features. Moreover, the frame has a laser engraved light guide panel to deliver even brightness with edge lit LED light. The LED light comes in at 6500 lumens of brightness and 9000-10000k color temperature, so it is easy on the eyes.

They relied on LED Lightbox Display

Runner Up: The concept of the lightbox from HKSIGN is designed for a window display. You can stack this box to create a cascading effect vertically or a wide panel horizontally. At 16.4″ X 23.4″, it is the ideal size for single or multiple installations. It is made from acrylic and has a magnetic front panel powered by LED lights.

HKSIGN A2 Hanging Display Lightbox

Best Value: The E-Hangsam lightbox has a silver 24″X36″ frame with a magnetic cover box design, which lets you change your content easily. The LED light produces shadow-free illumination for even lighting without any hot spots through its laser dot light guide panel.

E-Hangsam Silver LED Poster Lightbox Sign

The one-inch profile of the M&T Displays Smart LEDBox is slim, which is essential for some installations. The frame is made from anodized aluminum and a specially treated acrylic cover with a front-loading mechanism to change your content. The LED lighting goes through pre-treated light-guided panels to diffuse the light evenly.

M&T Displays Smart LEDBox

The second lightbox from Spolehli is slightly smaller at 24” x 36”, but it still has the same great features. The frame on this unit is silver with an aluminum profile and has a magnetic frame to hold your content in place. High-quality aluminum alloy for the frame and PMMA panel ensure it will not deform or change color while using the LED lights.

They relied on the LED Backlit Lightbox

This type of configuration is ideal for real-estate offices, photographers, and even restaurants by adding more pieces. Each lightbox is 19.7″X14.8″, they are made from acrylic, and powered with LED lights using 12V DC, so they are not power-hungry. A magnetic panel holds the image inside to quickly open and close the box, and you also get the hardware to hang the boxes.

A3 Portrait LED Acrylic Poster Frame Light Box

This design has four double-sided hanging window display lightboxes that are 9.45″x12.91″. You can place multiple images in the boxes and hang them in different configurations. The acrylic signs use efficient and cost-effective LED lights with 5000 LUX light intensity.

E-Hangsam A4 Double Side Lightbox Sign

If you are looking for a free-standing light-up box, this M&T unit is the right choice. This double-sided display uses a PVC hinge on one side and a magnetic cover with snap frames on the other side to quickly change your content. At 27”x77” it is tall and narrow enough for sidewalk or indoor placement.

M&T Professional Free Standing Light-Up Box

From pubs to restaurants, salons, or retail shops this round LED lightbox is a classic design. It is 20” in diameter and a little over 5” deep. This is a double-sided, waterproof, illuminated, lightbox with vacuum-formed acrylic panels. The LED light has a 50,000-hour life so it will be around for years to come.

LED Round Outdoor Light Box Sign

At 24”x36” this wall-mounted acrylic LED light box is a great sign for window or indoor installations. The ultra-thin AAA-grade acrylic is only 6mm thick and you can take the panel on and off using the hand screws. As for the light source, it uses high-brightness SMD2835LED light with a 12V DC power adaptor.

HKSIGN Ultra-Thin Wall Mounted Acrylic LED Light Box

There are many different factors that determine the price of a lightbox, this is especially the case with custom work. Size, material, and complexity are the primary factors of the overall costs of lightboxes. The installation also plays a role in how much you will end up paying.

Prices can go as high as $500 for readymade lightboxes and go into thousands of dollars for custom work. Again, because this is so highly customized to each business, it is very hard to put a price on how much it will cost.

The benefit of a readymade lightbox is its affordability and ease of use. But no matter what kind of lightbox sign you choose, keep the following things in mind before you make a purchase.

Type of Illumination: Get a lightbox with LED lighting. This technology uses less electricity, doesn’t get hot and it can be replaced easily. Fluorescent bulbs are also good alternatives.

Size of the Sign: Once you find the right location, make sure it doesn’t cover any other part of your business. At the same time, it has to be seen so balance is key.

Lettering: If you are having the name of your business illuminated use the right font and material so it can stand out.

Material: From metals to glass and synthetic materials such as plastics, you have many options. When choosing heavy materials take safety into consideration, especially if the sign is above people.

Power Source: Find a close-by power source for your lightbox and make sure the power cord is out of the way of anyone passing by.

Installation: In most cases, readymade lightbox signs are very easy to install. But if you are not handy, find the right person to install it.

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The Best Light Box Signs for Your Business

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