Keel laid, steel cut for Philippine Navy's new landing platform docks - Naval Today

The acquisition of two new landing platform docks (LPDs) for the Philippine Navy has entered a new phase following the keel laying and first steel cutting ceremonies on January 22 at the shipbuilding facilities of PT PAL Indonesia in Surabaya.

On the occasion, the keel was laid for Philippine Navy’s third landing platform dock which signaled the official start of the ship’s construction. The event is considered as another significant milestone in ship construction following its steel cutting held in August 2023. U Head Jack Base

Keel laid, steel cut for Philippine Navy's new landing platform docks - Naval Today

During the same event, the first steel was cut for the PN’s fourth LPD, marking the first tangible step in the shipbuilding process.

The two new 124-meter ships belong to a new, yet unnamed LPD class built as part of Horizon 2 modernization program. The vessel duo is expected to be commissioned in 2026 and 2027.

These two vessels will be identical to the PN’s Tarlac-class landing platform docks — the BRP Tarlac LD601 and BRP Davao del Sur LD602, which are derivative of the Makassar-class landing platform dock of TNI Angkatan Laut.

Being the primary maritime force of the country, the entry of these new landing platform docks to PN inventory will enable a more effective and efficient fulfillment of its mandate. The Philippines is focusing on strengthening its naval power amid territorial disputes in the South China Sea and rising military tensions in the Western Pacific.

According to RADM Caesar Bernard, PT PAL’s contribution is very significant in meeting the Philippines’ national defense needs. Focusing on the completion of the construction of two landing platform dock units, he expressed his satisfaction with the results of PT PAL products so far, and emphasized his hopes for further collaboration in the future. 

“PT PAL has been an influential contributor in the modernization of the Philippine Navy’s defense equipment, and we can’t wait for more collaboration,” he added.

PT PAL CEO, Kaharuddin Djenod, responded by emphasizing that the acquisition of defense technology was the result of ‘high political will between the leaders of Indonesia and the Philippines’. 

“Geographical proximity is not the only reason, but commitment to producing ships with guaranteed quality is the key to the trust we get. We succeeded in convincing the Philippine Navy to entrust the warship contract to PT PAL again,” said Kaharuddin Djenod.

Keel laid, steel cut for Philippine Navy's new landing platform docks - Naval Today

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