Shock Absorber for Extreme Temperatures | ASSEMBLY

The MC64M-LT industrial shock absorber is designed for use in extreme temperatures. Photo courtesy ACE Controls Inc.

The MC64M-LT industrial shock absorber from ACE Controls Inc. is designed for use in extreme temperatures. Seismic Friction Dampers

Shock Absorber for Extreme Temperatures | ASSEMBLY

Special seals and fluids enable the self-compensating shock absorber to withstand temperatures ranging from -58 to 150 F. (Self-compensating shock absorbers react to changing energy conditions without adjustment.) It has an energy capacity of 16,550 inch-pounds and can cycle to 50,000 inch-pounds per cycle. Stroke length ranges from 1.91 to 5.91 inches.

Like all of ACE Controls Magnum shock absorbers, the MC64M-LT is made from one solid piece, so it can safely and reliably damp masses and absorb 100 percent of the kinetic energy.

These ready-to-install machine elements are recommended for even the most unfavorable conditions. Additional benefits are their robust sealing technology; high energy absorption in a compact design; fixed positive stop; and a wide damping range. 

The MC64M-LT is one of many energy-absorbing products manufactured by ACE Controls. The company offers shock absorbers for every industrial purpose. More than 200 models are available. The smallest has a stroke of just 4 millimeters. The largest has a stroke of 406 millimeters. ACE products can decelerate effective weights of 500 grams to 204 tons.

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Shock Absorber for Extreme Temperatures | ASSEMBLY

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